Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Donut Lovers Anonymous

My name is Julie, and I love donuts.

I have tried to stifle this affinity in the past, thinking donuts are an unsophisticated and particularly glutinous dessert. How could I rationalize choosing a half-stale Dunkin Donut over a cute cupcake, served up at some hip cafe??

But now, I have discovered Dough, a place that gives donuts their due, thus allowing me to make my love for donuts known. And lucky (or dangerous) for me, Dough happens to be two blocks away from where I live.

I first read about Dough in the New York Times, which highlighted its nutella cream-filled donuts, among its other kinds. Honestly, I became dazed and confused once I read the words "nutella" and "donut" in the same sentence, so the rest of the article was a blur. And later that morning, after two of my housemates had e-mailed me said article, I knew a trip was imminent.

So on a balmy day in late February, I walked excitedly with some housemates over to Dough. I just have to say, it really exceeded my expectations.

First of all, I smelled the delicious scent of sugar and fried dough from a block away. The smell wafted over to me and seemed to carry me through the front door straight to the quaint counter, where fresh batches of donuts were being carried out. I had gone to Dough with the clear intention of getting the nutella cream-filled donut, but as soon as I saw the other selections, I pretty much digressed to my eight-year-old self. I just stood there, staring at the donuts with my mouth open and my eyes glazed over.While my friends quickly made their selections, I still couldn't bring myself to choose just one. Should I get a nutella or chai-cream filled donut, or a classic glazed or cinnamon sugar? Or I could be super daring and get the hibiscus flower one! I was literally a kid in a candy store.

So obviously, I tasted all of my friends' donuts to help me decide. The glazed chocolate topped with chocolate nibs was extraordinary, while the chocolate with earl grey, although a really good donut, didn't quite deliver that punch of bergamot flavor I was hoping for. The cafe au lait was delectable, even though I don't even like coffee! This didn't actually make my selection process any easier.

Finally, after much deliberation, I chose the dulce de leche with slivered almonds on top. I'm embarassed to say that a contributing factor to me not going with the nutella-cream was that the cream filled donuts were smaller in diameter than the regular donuts. Not my finest foodie moment. But no matter, the donut was DELICIOUS. The dough itself was soft and yeasty and melted in my mouth. The dulce de leche glaze was creamy and added that level of sinful caramel flavor, while the slivered almonds lent texture and a nutty after-taste. So. Good.

Conclusion: Dough will definitely be seeing more of me in the future. For one thing, I still need to taste the nutella cream donut (and every other kind available). If you ever find yourself in the area of Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy, I highly recommend you swing by and pick up some donuts, either for yourself or as a gift to someone else. Once you try these, you too can become a donut lover.