Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And here we go...

Welcome to my food blog! I have been thinking about creating a food blog for a while now, especially  since I found out I would be moving to New York. I am indescribably excited to start exploring all corners of the city; discovering new restaurants, ethnic groceries, and anything else dedicated to food. I love food both because it is delicious and because of its cultural value. I believe that one of the best ways to understand different cultures and lifestyles (and they are endless in New York) is through the many food choices people make on an everyday basis.

Of course, I know that there are tons of food blogs out there. I do not claim to be original in my desire to share my love of food with others. I simply want to use this blog as a vehicle through which to share my explorations and experiences, my revelations and curiosities. So enjoy, and I invite you to comment on and contribute to my posts.

I'll end this first post with an ode to Saveur, a magazine which furthered my education of different foodways throughout the world, and has inspired me seek them out within my own world. It's a terrific gateway into the world of food. An added bonus: their website not only has fantastic recipes from around the world, but it collects recipes from various food blogs. I've supplied the link to their website under my Awesome Food Sites list.

Until next time,


  1. Great name for your blog. I can't wait to start reading your posts!

  2. This is bri(e)llant!!! I am moved and inspired. I will wait for your next post with relentless anticipation.

  3. You made me very hungry with your first post. I can't wait to follow all your food adventures and discoveries. I am a fan already :)

  4. Dearest Julie:

    I loved your blog so much. As you venture out into the world of new food experinces, I certainly
    hope you will also indulge in descriptions of what the great French novelist Proust referred to as "remembrances of things past." In Proust's case, his early years were captured whenever he smelled madeleines Of course, in your case, your early years will be excited by the smell of Milk which will recall a time when you were singular, exceptional, privileged, when NOONE ELSE BUT YOU WAS ALLOWED MILK IN A BOTTLE. . .JUST GO AND WRITE ABOUT THAT--WHY DON'T YOU!!!??

    Phew that was painful.


    Guess who

  5. I agree with the above comments. Your use of puns is excellent. I can't think of any off the top of my head (oh briehave?).

    Anyway I'm looking forward to your blog.